Arid Land Agricultural Graduate Studies and Research Institute

Established the Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research for Agriculture in Arid Regions Ministerial Decree 888 dated 15/06/2006 institute educational search continued for the College of Agriculture - Ain Shams University and cares Institute conducts agricultural research basic and applied in arid regions to prepare a generation of specialists and researchers in agricultural sciences various modern in the fieldAgriculture arid land reclamation new graduate-level (diploma, master's and doctor of philosophy) so utilized their desert bloom, resource development and rational use of concentrated specialties Institute's four specializations: a Division of Agriculture and desert areas affected by salinity, Division of farming systems developed for dry areas, Biotech Divisionarid areas, vital systems Engineering Division

1-Division of Agriculture and desert areas affected by salinity:

The areas include research using modern technology to agriculture in the desert and use means of appropriate agricultural areas affected by salinization and the introduction of crop varieties and new orchards arable dry and saline and the use of fertilizers and modern irrigation and drinking areas dry and saline and account Collectibles water for different crops suitable for desert areas and physiology of stress and tension environmental and study quality managementfarm and post-harvest and trade laws for agricultural products and environmental protection laws in arid areas, as well as feasibility studies and environmental agricultural projects.

2-Division advanced agricultural systems for dry areas:

Areas of research: protected agriculture and agriculture without soil and plant nutrition and maximize water consumption and management of good agricultural Crops and organic farming and horticultural production and field crops using organic farming and follow the ways quality of organic farming and the adoption of organic farms and quality management of agricultural products.

3-Biotech Division of arid:

The areas include research biofertilizer Microbiology dry areas and organic farming in dry areas and plant breeding conditions of others adapt traditional methods or using genetic engineering to drought and salinity and micropropagation and tissue culture organic farming means quality of organic farming and the adoption of organic farms and bio-diversity.

4-Vital Systems Engineering Division:

Areas of research include automatic control of agricultural operations and the use of meteorological data and sensor in the planning of the administration to farm and reduce wastage of water at the plant level and farm mechanization of agricultural operations and farm installations desert.