Department of Genetics


The department of genetics has been established since 1969. Until now 32 groups specialized in genetics and its application have been graduated from this department. Many of these graduates worked in the universities and research centers everywhere in Egypt and many became full professors and first researchers. Studying genetics is developing very rapidly which required the continuous development of the studied courses and research field on both the undergraduate or graduate levels. The department of genetics carry out research in the following fields; genetics diversity in animal and plant species in Egypt on the molecular level. Studying genes controlling biotic and a biotic stresses. selection for quantitative trails using molecular and biochemical markers. Production of transgenic strains of barley and wheat tolerant to salinity is one of the main interests in the department. Furthermore developing genetically modified bacteria and viruses to control insect and plant fungal diseases is in progress. In addition research programs are carried out for the developing of genetically engineered microbial strains with the ability to degrade environmental pollutants and others having the capability to produce antibiotics.