Department of Agricultural Microbiology


Department of Agriculture Microbiology was established in 1969. The Department plays an important role in teaching Agricultural Microbiology to under and graduate students (B.Sc. M.Sc. & Ph.D. students). These courses include sciences dealing with virology, bacteriology, mycology, physiology, Soil microbiology, environmental pollution, microbial fermentation, medical microbiology , microbial toxicology, in addition to bacterial, plant and animal virology.

A wide scale of research work has been carried out in the Department dealing with different microbiological activities such as biofertilization, application of Agricultural and industrial wastes for the production of highly valuable substances such as biogas, enzymes, alcohols, organic acids, vitamins, organic solvents and single cell protein.

The Department is also concerned with research studies on the diagnosis of viral diseases of economic crops and the production of virus free seeds.