Agricultural Botany Department

The Department of Agricultural botany was established in 1950, during that time it was covering several fields of Agricultural science such as, Agricultural botany, plant physiology, plant pathology, Agricultural microbiology and genetics. It was established as an independent in Agricultural botany and plant physiology in 1991. This department offers four courses to undergraduate students urith other inajers, plant anatomy, plant morphology, plant taxonomy and plant physiology. The Department does not offer amajor in Agricultural Botany.

The Agricultural Botany Department offers postgraduate study leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in both areas of plant physiology and Agricultural Botany.

Members of the department cooperate with National and International Research centers to study several national problems concerning water stress, and salinity especially in the reclaimed lands. The research and teaching experiments of its staff have been extended to include many Arab countries.