Department of Agronomy

The Department of Agronomy was established in 1942. As one of the four Departments of the High Agricultural Institute in Sheben El-Kom.


Of Agricultural of Ain Shams University and the Department of Agricultural and Farm Management became the Agronomy Department in 1958. Since that time the Agronomy Department played an important role in introducing wide varieties of under and post graduate courses as well as carrying out several aspects of applied and academic researches. The Department laboratories are well equipped. The research laboratories include crop physiology, crop breeding, crop ecology, crop technology, seed testing and tissue culture. Moreover, the department has three research green houses. The staff-members of the Agronomy Department work in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Center, National research Center, industrial  firms and faculties of agricultural inside and outside the country in solving several applied and academic problems of national importance in areas of crop production, crop physiology, crop breeding, especially introducing new high yielding varieties, crop intensifications, weed control, seed production, developing sets of recommended packages for the major yield crops and other activities related to yield improvement.