Department of Soil Science


Teaching of soil science is one of the most important aspects for the agricultural development to role of soils in farming.

The department of soil science, AinShamsUniversityhas been established since 50 years ago. It offers a degree in soil; this degree aims to provide a broad understanding of different soil fields and their applications. Understanding the interactions and the relationships among soil science compoinents and other environmental components such as air and water form the basis for understanding many environmental problems and contribute significantly to overcome such problems. The department of soil includes four main branches including Pedology, Soil Science physics, soil and soil fertility and plant nutrition such branches cover various aspects such as Soil reclamation, irrigation techniques, farm and water management, survey of land resources and their suitability for different types of land use, remote sensing and air photointerpretation , irrigation water quality, effects of salt on soil and plant, soil-water pollution, the behaviour of nutrients in soil, plant nutrient cycles of nutritional elements, appropriate methods for soil and plant analysis and finally presentation of data and how to translate these into application fields.

Soil department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University has a good cooperation with other national and international universities (Belgium , USA, Poland and Germany ) as well as the National Research such as the soils , water & Envir. Inst., Agricultural Res., Soil and Water use Department, Natural Research Center, Academy os Scientific Res. And Tech., Desert Res. Center. This cooperation involves technology transfer, training and scientific information exchange, conferences and seminars. Also, the department of soil has strong connection with private sector for organic and non-organic cultivation systems.