Department of Plant Protection

The Department of plant protection was established 1942 from the Department of zoology and entomology, Agricultural institute, Shebein El- Kom.

Students in the third academic year, may specialize in the plant protection and in the fourth year the can further specialize in Economic Entomology or Pesticides.

Courses in the Plant Protection Department cover subjects relating to insects of economic importance, control of agricultural pests as well as animal pests mainly those concerned to with pulilu health and farm animals. Courses of pest control deal with insects infesting field crops; toxic effect of pesticides on human and animals and residues in plants and the environment as well as other courses which related to plant protection.

The academic staff in Department of Plant Protection serve the community through two major facilities of Agricultural services. The first facility is Honey Bee Center which supplied beekeepers with their requirements of bee queens and package bees as well as providing extension service to beekeepers. The second facility is the Ecotoxicological Unit which carries unit in harmful. Residue analysis in different food and agricultural samples (e.g. food products, plants, stored products). Furthermore, the Department provides advice in the field of agricultural pests control as well as household pests.