Department of Food Science


The department of Food Science goal is to prepare professionals in the area of Food Science and Technology who are familiar with the developing and application of the recent technologies to enhance products quality of the food industry sector without abuse to environment.

The history of the Food Science Department goes back to the inception of Agricultural Institute at Shebeen El Koom in early 1940's in which Food Science and Dairy Technology was on of the main areas of specialization at the institute. The department grants ; B.Sc. degrees in Dairy Science and Technology and B.Sc. degree in Food Science.

With regard to scientific ventures, the department cooperates with various organizations in research projects, i.e. Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, National Research center, Agricultural research Center and Food and Dairy Industries.

Regarding scientific channels of communications the Department is active in scientific exchange programs with European and American Universities.

The Department has got a specialized unit for training and Agricultural consultation not limited to college activities only but extends its services to food companies, communities and other organizations; where quality in food production, food safety and training of food employees of food sectors are daily routine.