Dean Message

Proud of the Faculty of Agriculture - Ain Shams University outstanding turn as a beacon of education and agricultural research for Egypt and the Middle East and Africa through successive generations of Graduates and Academic staff members since its inception in 1942, where he was her birthday as a high agricultural institute in Shebin - Menoufia Governorate. And through a journey past seven Fifty school moved from Shebin in 1954 to a new location extensions Republican Palace dome and then stabilized since 1963 at its current Shubra al-Kheima where promote buildings inside Palace Gardens Mohammed on archaeological Shubra al-Kheima Molar addressed to page Nile immortal and views from the north on edge of the Nile Delta the most fertile parts of the world and paved the strong agricultural traditions and views from the south entrance to the capital of goats and address of civilizational and cultural progress of the country. As if symbolizing site eloquent terms to the historical role of the college and their children in agricultural civilization of Egypt continues to while Daha ancient and prosperous future based on thought and science, modernization and innovation. The total ripple intense educational activity in the two phases the first degree and postgraduate studies as the college seeks to discover and the dissemination and application of knowledge to manage natural Almwarda efficiently in order to provide food and agricultural development with the clipboard on the environment. The college also interested prepare qualified cadres for the development of agricultural production and rural communities, also fosters community service through programs integrated guidance and convoys to the transfer of knowledge and applied research results, and participate with other locally, regionally and internationally to develop education and scientific research. If offers thanks and gratitude of the masters of the deans and former college agents and brother Mr. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Rizk and Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and auxiliary committees and all those who contributed in the development of the list of undergraduate and the emergence of new evidence for the college. The propaganda of the sire Almighty Bdom and fully reconcile all of us to serve science and our college educated and service beloved and our precious Egypt.
                                                                          God is the source of strength