1- Developing academic programs and curricula to meet the 21st century modern society requirements.

2- Adopting educational programs and curricula which enhance student skills and practical experience to prepare them to enter the labor market and continue their self -learning.

3- Using IT to create an electronically automated faculty for developing education, research, and community service.

4- Applying a Quality Assurance Program to improve rates of performance in education, research and community service in order for the college and its academic programs to be accredited.

5- Developing scientific research strategy related to industry and end user needs to fulfill society requirements.

6- Establishing research groups with integrated specializations, potentials and resources in college, university, research centers, and other universities.

7- Supporting local and international cooperation to improve education and scientific research systems.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Restructuring the faculty and staff to better contribute to achieving  faculty mission.
  2. Promote strong academic environment conducive to teaching and learning and improving job environment for staff and administration.
  3. Providing the country with graduates capable of meeting local and regional market needs through distinct undergraduate and graduate programs.
  4. Enhancing faculty and staff potentials in teaching and learning , scientific research and community service through specialized training programs.  
  5. Developing the infrastructure  of scientific research and graduate study.
  6. Enhancing the quality of scientific research to confirm the identity of FA- ASU as a scientific and cultural research center.
  7. Provide strong commitment to community development and adhering to local community needs.
  8. Application to quality assurance standards in education for continuous faculty activity development.